Monday, 18 September 2017

Watch How Russia Arrests Terrorists

FSB video of militant War Lord Magas caught alive (published to Youtube in 2010, the same year in which he was captured)

His real name is Ali Taziev. I've been reading about the war in in the 1990s and I remembered this video.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Why I'm Not Voting


I turn 27 soon and so far I have voted in all elections except for the current one. I've changed my mind because all I see is bribery and hubris. In 2011 I voted for the now obsolete Libertarian Party and I voted for Act Party in 2014. I looked at the Act Party web site a few weeks ago, and they aren't shy about their support for Five Eyes. I take a hardline approach on this now more than ever.

In 2008 I met Sam Land at my dad's house (one of the guys who raped that satellite dish, or at least the cover of it). In the years following I noticed (at 3 different physical addresses) that I couldn't stream 144p video on Youtube and my MSN conversations disconnected - I would be chatting with a friend and nothing would happen for a few minutes, then it would say the chat had been disconnected. I never had this problem with dialup yet I had this problem with broadband at 3 separate addresses, even when using different PCs and routers. This problem followed me until at least 2011. Kim Dotcom had a similar problem with his T-1 connection when GCSB re-routed all of his communications.

This is how pathetic the New Zealand government is. They are threatened, even by a 17 year old, and the New Zealand government keeps secret files on anyone who disapproves of the low-lifes in our Parliament. I want readers to know that you are living in a country that is just as authoritarian as the Russian Federation, but without the moral values. The only reason the government doesn't have journalists shot is because they are all slaves to the political establishment. The journalists are so spineless that they can be left alone. There is no Martin L. King or John F. Kennedy or an Anna Politkovskaya. The New Zealand government is able to pacify the population with sports news, TRAP porn and homosexual pride.


Vladimir Putin recently said to Oliver Stone: "the United States has no allies; only vassals". This is true of New Zealand. The U.S. is not OUR ally, we are THEIR vassal. We are not involved in the occupation of Afghanistan for any reason other than trade. It has nothing to do with our security and it certainly isn't about restoring stability (good luck with that). If our politicians had any decency, they would send the SAS into Deir Ezzor and then into Idlib province. The Syrian and Russian governments are winning a war over there, but "our" government (definitely not OUR government) and "our" media don't have the guts to admit that Russia is delivering humanitarian aid while also winning a war (one that we should definitely support).

Our MPs wring their hands over a few civilian casualties in Syria, but they couldn't care less about what special forces get up to in Afghanistan. Last year all I heard on TV was ALEPPO, ALEPPO, ALEPPO but we never received daily updates from Afghanistan. This is because our leaders are spineless lay-abouts. They have the courage to "act" but they don't have the courage to admit the truth before they act.

(Putin: the West has no morals - short video above)


Politicians are considered to be very important people and everyone is encouraged to take part in voting, even with the loser candidates that are standing for office. Through universities and public appearances, politicians are able to brainwash young people with backwards ideas of what it means to be moral. They pretend that if you work and be a consumer, and buy things like cars and property, that this is moral, a type of noble contribution. Politicians think that values of the non-material kind are worthless wishy-washy values.

The TV media presents the purchase of property as the most important thing for a person to do. A former co-worker once told me that he wanted to buy a house, but said that he needed a woman first. So apparently to get a house it is helpful to get a woman. It sounds like putting the cart before the horse. I thought that a man is to find a decent woman and THEN buy a house, only if the woman is good enough. In the blind, material lust to buy a house, many in my generation will neglect to build that house on a good foundation, and by that I mean a good marriage. They will get divorced and will end up selling the house and swapping to another mortgage.

The politicians are no role models. Just see how they bribe us with our own money! Only MY party will spend the most money on welfare, only MY party will spend the most money on roads. I don’t give a s#it about how much money they wish to spend, I want to know what their values are. Obviously, they have none.

Speaking again of the failure to act truthfully, I was surprised to hear recently, that “our” MPs refused to ban TRAP porn. I recall that one MP said: “we need more evidence that this is damaging to children”. Does someone honestly need to speak in Parliament, and explain to MPs why TRAP porn is abnormal? I don’t have children but if I did, then I certainly wouldn’t want them to think of anal sex and TRAP porn as entertainment. It’s pretty funny how politicians need evidence that “alternative” sexual lifestyles are abnormal and dysfunctional, yet when there is a claim of WMDs being used by Saddam or Assad, no evidence is required at all. Who owns these political whores? Someone owns all the horses in the race and I’m not allowed to contest the system. There’s no way News Hub or TVNZ would ever let me on TV to broadcast my message. Just like in Putin’s Russia, the media exists solely to continue the status quo in politics. At least in Russia people are aware that the government lies. Here in New Zealand, we still trust the government and media like a bunch of idiots.

If we really want a great country then we need someone who understands what it is to be a great civilisation, not just a great “nation” because that isn’t good enough. We need someone who isn’t scared of the truth. Someone who knows history, the arts, opera and literature. We need someone who can make drastic changes in policy and promote the idea that everyone live a good life, not just a good life in the sense of owning material things. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to be authoritarian when it’s required and who can admit to a professional mistake, instead of resigning to protect their “reputation” (I’m looking at you, Andrew Little).

If you’re reading this and you have children, then perhaps you should explain the basics of this thread to your children. If all you do is encourage them to be wealthy and successful then there’s a chance they will end up like the infertile slut Jacinda Ardern, or Bill English. Or worse, they will end up going to an orgy and getting it on with a TRAP dude, with HIV as a consequence. It happened to Charlie Sheen.

The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

I've nearly finished this book and it's brilliant. It takes a while to get into it though. The best part is when the psychopath is fired, and the stories that come after it. There seem to be psychopaths everywhere these days. Fortunately they are easy to identify because they speak excessively well and they're always highly superficial. From my experience I find that psychopaths like to snipe at people, with small insults that are meant to erode the target's confidence. They are frequently manipulative and self-centred. They have no issue telling a lie or impersonating someone, in order to smear a rival, or to pose as the ultimate victim. In high school I knew a chick who had anti-social personality disorder*, and she would lie to people and claim that she was a Cashmere High student, when in fact she was at Riccarton High. She started telling lies from a very young age and she was also a nymphomaniac, which is common for psychopaths (and it doesn't apply only to the female psychopaths). The ASPD* thing will always exist, so long as we value money and boundless confidence and ego. When a person can't talk about his/her screw-ups, and understand why they happened, then that's a problem for the entire team.

In a past job I knew a chick who had ASPD and one time she lied that I had "talked to her about her breasts" - the best part was that after she finished her shift at 5:30, I could see her loitering around the truck yard, screwing up her face and telling other employees her big tall tale. I complained to my boss about this and then the psycho chick approached me in the staff room with a really quiet, charming voice: "oh hi Jeff, I'm reeeeally sorry if I offended you and I honestly didn't mean any harm to you, are we cool?" I said that I accepted her apology - only to get her off my back. In truth, I think she should have been thoroughly examined by a doctor. Who the hell makes up a lie of a salacious nature, and then spreads this lie about the other person, even though he works in a completely different building? I guess the fact that I didn't work with her made it easier to spread lies about me. If I was in her midst, she would have had her ass handed to her because I would have known which manager to lay a complain with. Finally, it would contradict my values to ask a woman about her tits; I am more interested in a woman's soul *wink*

There are probably other interpretations of The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team but the main thing that occurred to me was the issue of corporate psychopaths. They're the reason why I'd never want to be a manager. I say, let the evil fester until it collapses from its own poison! The world is full of evil, and corporations and greedy executives only exacerbate the existing evil. When the global financial system crashes down we will each have to answer for why we hung the noose around our necks. Greed and amoral financial instruments have a price, at least on the long term. Enjoy the decadence of the gravy train, while it lasts!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Kiwi AltRight / NZ Alt Right Is Failure

What are you losers going to do now, now that you're banned from Facebook? I've got my own web site as well as this Google Blogger account, and you guys don't have anything ha-ha-ha!

1st September update: nope I was wrong they're still active

Friday, 25 August 2017

I Feel 100% Justified For My Past Opinions

8-9 years ago I'm sure many people thought I was weird because I cared so much about American politics. Now everyone is talking about it but nobody gives me credit for being the first to see the reality of the situation. In 2008 I knew that America was a sick nation in decline, managed by thugs and criminals. I listened to the Alex Jones Show even though New Zealanders don't generally care about it. 8 years later Donald Trump appeared on The Alex Jones Show, and now he is President Trump. I warned other millennials about the situation in America but they wouldn't listen to me. Now all the liberal freaks I used to hang out with are bleating about Trump!

I told you idiots that America needed a revolution. Pressure was building and you knew it was going to burst, now it has happened, but it wasn't a communist "people's revolution" it was a right-wing patriot's revolution. I told you liberal idiots and you wouldn't listen. Liberals will never win in America, they will do their best to wreck American society but such agenda will always meet stiff resistance from the right-wing. Since liberals are pussies who hate firearms it means they will be at a disadvantage when the race war kicks off. Yes, I do believe there will be a race war because CNN is promoting it every single day.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Don't Cure Autism; Prevent It!

I am disturbed by an article on August 24, which reports that a 2 year old boy with diagnosed with a spectrum disorder. Every mental disorder has become a spectrum! Conveniently, this means that pharmaceutical companies have access to a larger market of customers, many of whom are under 5 years old. Experts insist that autism is a genetic disorder, yet they cannot find the gene responsible. They say that there are "thousands" of genes associated with autism but they will not disclose what these genes are, or who may be at risk. I personally believe that autism is not a genetic disorder, but rather, it is a disorder caused by too much television exposure. Scientists should find if there is a link between television exposure and autism in 1-2 year-olds. If they cannot cure autism, then they should work on autism prevention. Although breast cancer is often genetic, most cancers are related to lifestyle choices. Is autism a disease caused by bad lifestyle choices? If we answer this question then we will save billions of dollars!

This is my latest letter to the editor.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Gay Guy Calls The Alex Jones Show

In 2015 an unknown homosexual called into The Alex Jones Show in support of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Listen to the audio and hear what happens!